Can a DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PRESENTATION be held at my location?

Absolutely! Although the Digital Empowerment Project frequently sponsors DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PRESENTATIONS at various locations, the bulk of my scheduling is done when others host presentations. I LOVE to travel!  Touch base with me and we can work out the details.

In order to host a DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT presentation your venue needs to be suitable and comfortable for the anticipated audience. The host is required to provide a screen to project a PowerPoint presentation in such a manner that it is visible to everyone attending the presentation. If the host has a PowerPoint projector and a computer (capable of playing audio files) that is a plus but, I will bring a projector and laptop as a backup. I will also provide my own microphone and speaker system for use during the presentation should it be needed.


The short answer is typically yes – however what is important is that cost should not be the reason that your organization is not able to benefit from the DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. To that end, I work hard on not letting cost be a factor that would prevent anyone or any organization from hosting a presentation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss an affordable way to bring the DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT to you!


The length of a specific presentation varies. School based presentations are based on available class or assembly times. Presentations for parents or educators are almost always a minimum of two-hours although they can be up to four hours in length.

How can I stay updated on the information presented?

I work hard to ensure that MY presentations are packed with the latest, timely and relevant information. i have an active FACEBOOK and TWITTER social media sites where I make available up-to-date information on how the internet is changing (and it is constantly changing). My partner, Josh Ochs, at is an amazing resource for parents and he will help you stay abreast of the ever changing internet.

PLEASE consider sharing MY Facebook page – let’s get social about keeping our youth safe online!

Where can I access immediate resources and printed material about internet safety?

One of my favorite questions! The Digital Empowerment Project is a licensed partner with the STOP, THINK and CONNECT campaign as part of the National Cyber Security Alliance. You can access important internet safety resources at the following links: and



I am so glad you asked! While my presentations are packed and ready to go, I have a ton of work to do in getting our FACEBOOK and TWITTER social media sites where I want them to be (filled with helpful information). I need your help to have the greatest impact! If you are interested in making a difference, no matter what your skill level is, PLEASE consider joining the team. Contact me we discuss how you can help. THANK YOU!

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