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The DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT™ is super excited to partner with nationally recognized digital safety speaker Josh Ochs. Josh does amazing work and is passionate about helping our youth stay safe online and encouraging them to, BE LIGHT, BRIGHT & POLITE! Josh hosts THE PARENT UNIVERSITY which is an information packed video and podcast center for both parents and students. His information is timely and up-to-date. If you join the subscription based university you will receive additional benefits including access to digital copies of several books that Josh has authored.

IF YOU, YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION brings a DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT™ event to your location, each attendee will receive a discounted subscription code. Visit smartsocial.com/dep today!

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It can be incredibly challenging for a parent to stay abreast of the popular websites and apps that teens are using. Hopefully this list will provide at least some basic guidance. Two great resources to help you stay abreast of the changes in mobile app can be found at Common Sense Media and SmartSocial.


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