My passion is provide important and relevant information to parents, students and educators. While I am blessed to have the opportunity to travel the country speaking to thousands of attendees I want to be able to reach people, especially parents, virtually anywhere. That is how the Digital Empowerment Project on ZOOM will help me offer more presentations to more parents.

After several months of preparation – I am beyond excited to announce that Digital Empowerment for Parent events are now available live and online using the ZOOM webinar platform! The online presentations are NOT recordings as I will personally host every ZOOM session. The ZOOM presentations provide you with an amazing opportunity to attend a parent event without leaving your home, school or office. Each ZOOM session can accommodate 200 connections. 

You can view the screen share portion of any live presentation using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (the screen does get a little small on your smartphone however). You can listen and participate (during the audio Q&A) in the presentation by using your computer microphone/speakers or simply dial-in using your phone. Webcams are not used during the presentation so no worries there! Attending a live online event is simple, practical and available!

The cost to participate in a live online ZOOM session is $10 per connection.  A paid subscription allows you to invite your spouse, family (not a suitable presentation for your children), friends, parent group or even coworkers to view the event with you (you just all have to be watching the same device). Each event is 2 hours in length. You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions or share comments either privately or with everyone participating in the session.

$10 per connection
(invite your spouse, friends or co-workers)

How do you attend a Digital Empowerment for Parents Zoom Event?

1. Select an event/time below and simply complete the registration and payment form. Your payment information is not stored or maintained by the Digital Empowerment Project, it is handled completely by PayPal.

2. After you register, you will receive an email with information on how to participate in your ZOOM event.

3. On the date/time of your event, connect your internet enabled device (one device per subscription) using the access information that you received. Huddle up with your spouse, friends or family and learn, together, how to empower your children to make safe and healthy choices online.

4. After (or even before) your event, join the Digital Empowerment for Parents Network on Facebook and stay connected with other parents to share ideas and success stories on providing our children with the tools needed to make safe and healthy choices online.

I could not be more excited about this opportunity. ZOOM will allow me to bring DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT FOR PARENTS on ZOOM EVENTS to virtually anyone, anywhere!

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