Great Instructor

I went to the police academy with Scott. I worked patrol with him for over 8 years. You would be hard pressed to find a better instructor for your kids.

Damon Cecil - Compliance Officer Bedford Township Michigan

Complex made Simple

Scott Frank does a great job of making a complex task, simple. I also appreciate his walk with Jesus!

Bill Blue - Pastor

Digital Savvy

Really enjoyed your presentation. Both my kids came home from school a little more digitally savvy and it created the perfect opportunity to have some good conversations about online safety. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our family !

Kelley McFadden Smith - Parent

Great tools!

I’m so happy there is someone like you to help this generation of parents through what seems like uncharted territory. Great tools and information AND the steps to take to put action behind what we learned!

Lisa Riggs Gies - Parent

Truly a Hero

Thank you for all you have done throughout your career.  You are truly a hero!

Jayne Klett - Two Villages

Positive Comments

Your program was outstanding. Many times when we do school wide assemblies the teachers complain about losing class time.  Not this time. I had nothing but positive comments from both MS and HS staff.
Keep up the good work.
Larry Black - Principal

Wow Thank You

I had the opportunity to hear and experience first hand the parent presentation. I thought I was “savvy” when it comes to internet safety. But WOW!! Thank you!!!

Jules Elizabeth - Parent

Fantastic Assembly

This was a fantastic assembly! I sure hope these students soaked up this information like sponges today!

Jamie Lee Larsen - Parent

Powerful Impression

I know you made a powerful impression on our students and certainly on our staff. I know I learned an incredible amount, despite believing myself to be at least rudimentarily informed.

Susan Marshall - Bridges Community Academy


5-star! I appreciate all you are doing for our children, parents and community.

Cassandriea Jones Tucker - Parent

Empowering Our Daughter

Thank you for the overload of info! Looking forward to going back through all of the info on your website with my husband and empowering our daughter and ourselves!

Angie Frankhart - Parent

Amazing Skill Set

Scott has an amazing skill set and with his years on the force brings real world knowledge to his training sessions!! If you’re interested you can’t go wrong having Scott come into your church, business or school!!

James R. Brunt - Bedford Advanced Cybersecurity Center


You did an outstanding job and we greatly appreciate all you do and the passion that you bring with it.

Sonia Herman - Principal

Eye Opening

The evening presentation was wonderful and eye opening. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I couldn’t be more grateful. Hoping to catch another presentation sometime & bring more parents with me.

Stef Michelle - Parent

Scary World

Thank you! We learned so much from you!! While it’s a scary world, I’m glad you gave us some tools to help us guide our children!

Jody Hanes - Parent


This was shocking, informational and actionable! Thanks you for the guidance on this tricky subject.

Lynnette Dirkmaat - Parent

Engaging Presentation

Thank you for all you are doing. Your presentation with our students had a huge impact and I thought was done extremely well. To get middle school age kids interested and to keep them engaged for an hour straight is very impressive. Keep up the good work!
Wes Sellers - Teacher

Scaring The Heck Out of Me

Thanks for the information and scaring the heck out of me. Luckily my son hasn’t shown interest in a phone yet but I know it’s coming.

Brett Ovall - Parent

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend every parent to listen to Scott Frank if you have the opportunity. Really eye opening.

Matt Nofzinger - Parent

Appreciate Your Time

Everyone that I followed up with had nothing but good things to say about the presentation and most of them were thinking of how they can get you to come to their kids’ school to present there as well. Thank you again for taking the time to come visit our base and talk to our people, we truly appreciate your time and thanks for what you do!

MSgt Russell A. Bacon

Positive Impact

You did a super job of keeping the audience engaged and the feedback was very positive.  One individual even told us she deleted all of her Facebook contacts that she did not know.  So you really did have a positive impact and we are very grateful for your help in addressing these important issue with our clients.

Julia Sims, REC Specialist

Great Expertise

Great message from a man with great expertise on the subject! Must have info for all parents!

Matt Richardson - Internet Safety Expert

Given Us Tools

Thank you for taking the time to speak to parents. Your background and knowledge has given us tools to keep our kids safe and we are very grateful for individuals such as yourself.

Kimberly Borden Searfoss - Parent

Strongly Recommend

I STRONGLY recommend anyone attend any DEP program they can! You will walk away informed, pretty significantly overwhelmed but also armed with tools to help you and your family thrive in this wired world. Thanks Scott for your years of dedication and your willingness to share those years with the rest of us!

Dan Higgins - Cornerstone Counseling of Bellevue


Great info. Accurate info. 5-Star!

Bob Blue - Parent

Amazing Heart

Scott is an excellent instructor and has an amazing heart for people.

Sheila Leinke - Parent


Amazing, eye opening and educational!

Tricia Flynn Ebner - Parent

Dedication and Passion

Thank you for sharing your message and providing your time to our church.  It was very well received!!  Your dedication and passion for saving young people and helping parents is truly beyond words.

Andrea Smith - Lindsey Trinity United Church

Must Experience

I just got back from the Digital Empowerment for Parents seminar. I cannot express STRONGLY ENOUGH how important it is that you experience this. It was EYE-OPENING, heart breaking, and though provoking. It should be a required class before buying your kid a phone.

Ken Rawson - Youth Pastor

Informed Parents

Scott knows what he is talking about. The hazards inherent in social media require informed schools and, especially, informed parents.

John Lewton PhD - Workplace Resources

Valuable Information

Great presentation for parents. I got some valuable information! Thank you for what you do to keep kids safe!

Andrea Leibengood-Morgan - Parent

Powerful Presentation

 I especially thank you for spending time with our students yesterday.  You gave parents the tools they need to be able to talk with their kids….and kind of know what they’re talking about:)  Your presentation is one of the most powerful I have ever heard.  Keep up the great work!
Kim Schubert - Bellevue City Schools Superintendent

Positive Message

Thank you for your time, research, and caring to spread the word. I think this opened a lot of eyes in a positive way.

Laura Meinke - Parent