I am so appreciate of the kind and positive comments and reviews that I constantly receive from people who have attended a Digital Empowerment Project event. I am inspired by the commitment that trusted adults have to empower our children and teens.

The Digital Empowerment Project has very active social media sites, including a private Facebook Parent Network. Please consider finding the DEP on social media and engaging with other parents and educators.

I am so very appreciative for the comments from parents, educators and other attendees.

A parent, who recently attended a Digital Empowerment for Parents event shared her thoughts – “The safety of our children is every parent’s priority and responsibility. I, personally, was shocked at how little I knew when I attended Captain Frank’s presentation at a local school. I walked out with my eye’s opened and a desire to share this information with other parents.

One school administrator recently commented, “Scott delivers a powerful message about internet and social media dangers facing our students today. Scott shares information and tips on how to keep our students safe, and our teachers and parents educated and informed“.

Another educator commented, “An eyewitness account of the dangers inherent to the digital lifestyles being led by our youth today. A powerful and compelling presentation, unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since“.

Parents who attend a Digital Empowerment for Parents event (2-hours) are provided access to a post-event survey. The graph to the right represents their responses to the first two questions. Thank  you parents! 


Positive Comments

Your program was outstanding. Many times when we do school wide assemblies the teachers complain about losing class time.  Not this time. I had nothing but positive comments from both MS and HS staff. Keep up the good work.
Larry Black - Principal

Eyes Opened

The safety of our children is every parent’s priority & responsibility.  I, personally, was shocked at how little I knew when I attended Captain Frank’s program at a local school. I walked out with my eye’s opened and a desire to share this information with other parents.

Tricia Ebner - Parent


It was an amazing seminar! My husband and I are pretty tech savvy but I still learned a lot! There was things I didn’t know and after listening about everything you talked about I feel like my eyes are more open. I feel like this seminar should be mandatory for all parents and kids. It was such an amazing,very well given and extremely Informative seminar. I appreciate and thank you for all that you do. A true superhero.

T Keaton - Parent

Knowledge is Gold

You have no idea the impact that you have made on our kids.  This is the stuff that matters!  I trust that we will be working with you again in the future as this isn’t going away and your knowledge is gold.

Mary Smock - Principal

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend every parent to listen to Scott Frank if you have the opportunity. Really eye opening.

Matt Nofzinger - Parent

Dedication and Passion

Thank you for sharing your message and providing your time to our church.  It was very well received!!  Your dedication and passion for saving young people and helping parents is truly beyond words.

Andrea Smith - Lindsey Trinity United Church

Do Not Miss

No matter what age your kids are you do not want to miss this information!!!

Stephanie Upton - Parent

Impacting Their World

Thank you again for this presentation, for loving children and wanting the best for them and their parents. Giving teens and parents tools to keep them safe, growing and impacting their world with good.

Lola Harter - Grandparent


This was shocking, informational and actionable! Thanks you for the guidance on this tricky subject.

Lynnette Dirkmaat - Parent


Mr. Frank’s presentations are powerful and insightful. His passion in helping our youth and parents is apparent throughout the presentation. His training and work experiences capture real life situations that he shares candidly. I highly recommend taking the time to attend one of these presentations or reach out to gain further information.

Janet Schultz-Uher Parent

Valuable Information

Great presentation for parents. I got some valuable information! Thank you for what you do to keep kids safe!

Andrea Leibengood-Morgan - Parent

Considerate and Caring

Wow! I was able to see Captain Frank speak to students and a second presentation to parents only. He was tough when he needed to be and considerate and caring at the same time. I learned so much and would highly recommend this to anyone who has children!

Angie Bloom - School Counselor

Credible Experience

I have observed Scott’s presentations and he is excellent. We are fortunate someone of his caliber has embraced this topic with his passion, enthusiasm and credible experience.

Paul Palko - Account Executive at Terra State Community College

Enlightening Students

I appreciate the hard work and long hours you have put in to keep our children protected and giving them the information so they can make better decisions going forward from today. We can help them repair their past, be smart about today and have a bright and successful future. Again, thank you for coming to our school and enlightening our students, staff and parents.

IT Tech Coordinator

Powerful Impact

This assembly had a powerful impact on my 6th grade daughter. She came home talking about it and even thanked me for being so strick with technology!!

Christi Warnecke - Parent

Privacy Settings

Great presentation! I could have listened all day to learn even more. You also presented to my son’s school the next day and as soon as I came home he asked for my phone, went to Privacy and started turning location off in things. You got through to the kids which it’s hard to get them to hear what their parents try to tell them so thank you! Hoping our school could have you visit every other year to refresh their memories!

J Britt - Parent

Absolutely Essential

I am so glad that I rearranged my schedule to attend the Digital Empowerment presentation. I now know, as a parent, that being educated on our children’s digital world is absolutely essential to their overall safety and well being.

M Ballert - Parent

Appreciate Your Time

Everyone that I followed up with had nothing but good things to say about the presentation and most of them were thinking of how they can get you to come to their kids’ school to present there as well. Thank you again for taking the time to come visit our base and talk to our people, we truly appreciate your time and thanks for what you do!

MSgt Russell A. Bacon


Amazing, eye opening and educational!

Tricia Flynn Ebner - Parent

Great tools!

I’m so happy there is someone like you to help this generation of parents through what seems like uncharted territory. Great tools and information AND the steps to take to put action behind what we learned!

Lisa Riggs Gies - Parent

Informed Parents

Scott knows what he is talking about. The hazards inherent in social media require informed schools and, especially, informed parents.

John Lewton PhD - Workplace Resources

Gift of Sharing

Great information! Thank you for the gift of sharing your knowledge and helping us to be better parents!!

Tonya Helvoigt - Parent

Very Happy

Was very happy I chose to attend. I gained some very valuable information. A couple of my kids attend one at school and came home talking about the information they learned. Was glad they could hear it from someone else. Would attend another one if in the area.



Scott certainly brought an awareness to our families and spoke to so many things we all needed to hear in a such a genuine and real way.

Jen Korte - Director of ACE Academy

Every parent….

Every parent of any age child needs to attend this presentation. Scott says the hard things that we as parents need to hear in order to be better at parenting when it comes to technology. He gives it to you straight from his own experiences and of those he’s known over the years. It is evident that he is passionate about the well-being of children and families. If you are handing your child a device, you need educate yourself on it. His presentation is a great fist step. His information is current and relevant to today’s time.

Kristy Yes - Parent

Doing It So Well

You’re service to God in protecting children and teens in the digital age is a blessing to everyone’s life you touch!!!  Thank you for being his vehicle & doing it so well!

Clyde McPherson - Parent

Powerful Message

Scott delivers a powerful message about internet and social media dangers facing our students today. Scott shares information and tips on how to keep our children safe, and our parents educated and informed.

Jeff Thom - School Administrator

STRONGLY Recommend

Our school brought Captain Frank in to speak to our students and parents during separate sessions. Given today’s use of technology and social media by our kids, I STRONGLY recommend attending his parent presentation. He is incredibly impactful, has a wealth of experience, and provides insightful information that we can all use in our daily lives with our kids. Trust me, this is not a presentation you want to miss!

April Evearitt McNamara - Counselor Washington Local Schools

Deeper Understanding

I am so grateful for all of the information you shared and now have a deeper understanding and feel much more equipped when it comes to technology safety.

Emily Jetter - Counselor

Great Instructor

I went to the police academy with Scott. I worked patrol with him for over 8 years. You would be hard pressed to find a better instructor for your kids.

Damon Cecil - Compliance Officer Bedford Township Michigan

Scaring The Heck Out of Me

Thanks for the information and scaring the heck out of me. Luckily my son hasn’t shown interest in a phone yet but I know it’s coming.

Brett Ovall - Parent

Passion for Kid Safety

Captain Frank did an amazing job talking to our students and parents about the positive and negative aspects of the digital world. His approach is kid oriented and you can feel his passion for kid safety in his presentation. I would recommend every school and parent listen to his presentation as this is a topic that impacts us all.

Brian Cannon - Principal Clyde-Green Springs

Digital Savvy

Really enjoyed your presentation. Both my kids came home from school a little more digitally savvy and it created the perfect opportunity to have some good conversations about online safety. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our family !

Kelley McFadden Smith - Parent

Depth of Information

I can’t thank you enough for your presentation at our Summit. The depth of information was amazing and the way you presented made it so enjoyable. Thank you again for sharing your passion and knowledge with us!

Rachel Fall - Director of Community Outreach Magruder Hospital

Amazing Skill Set

Scott has an amazing skill set and with his years on the force brings real world knowledge to his training sessions!! If you’re interested you can’t go wrong having Scott come into your church, business or school!!

James R. Brunt - Bedford Advanced Cybersecurity Center

Hard Work

I appreciate the hard work and long hours you have put in to keep our children protected and giving them the information so they can make decisions going forward from today. We can help them repair their past, be smart about today and have a bright and successful future.Thank you for coming to our school and for enlightening our students, staff and parents.

Barb Arkett - Parent

Truly a Hero

Thank you for all you have done throughout your career.  You are truly a hero!

Jayne Klett - Two Villages

Always Welcome Back

You are always welcome to come back! The door is always open! I’m so beyond grateful this all worked out! Thank you so much for doing what you do! I know it can’t be easy re-living the things you saw in your past each time you present. You truly are a blessing to our families!! Thank you!

Melanie Vobr - Student Ministries Notre Dame Parish

Engaging Presentation

Thank you for all you are doing. Your presentation with our students had a huge impact and I thought was done extremely well. To get middle school age kids interested and to keep them engaged for an hour straight is very impressive. Keep up the good work!
Wes Sellers - Teacher

Given Us Tools

Thank you for taking the time to speak to parents. Your background and knowledge has given us tools to keep our kids safe and we are very grateful for individuals such as yourself.

Kimberly Borden Searfoss - Parent


Scott does an outstanding program for staff and students as well as one directed to parents that left them stunned at what they don’t know about what their kids might be doing on line.

Scott Matheny - Principal Perkins Local Schools

Amazing Heart

Scott is an excellent instructor and has an amazing heart for people.

Sheila Leinke - Parent

Positive Impact

You did a super job of keeping the audience engaged and the feedback was very positive.  One individual even told us she deleted all of her Facebook contacts that she did not know.  So you really did have a positive impact and we are very grateful for your help in addressing these important issue with our clients.

Julia Sims, REC Specialist

Complex made Simple

Scott Frank does a great job of making a complex task, simple. I also appreciate his walk with Jesus!

Bill Blue - Pastor

Empowering Our Daughter

Thank you for the overload of info! Looking forward to going back through all of the info on your website with my husband and empowering our daughter and ourselves!

Angie Frankhart - Parent

Need to Attend

This is an awesome and eye opening presentation. All parents need to attend

Cathy McGinn - Parent

Fantastic Assembly

This was a fantastic assembly! I sure hope these students soaked up this information like sponges today!

Jamie Lee Larsen - Parent

Remember and Use

Thank you for providing programming for us at the Oak Harbor Library. You do so well breaking it down into information they can remember and use. Thank you again for your time and talents.

Ann Chio - Oak Harbor Public Library


Great info. Accurate info. 5-Star!

Bob Blue - Parent


You are amazing! The world needs more of you!

Parv Jessey - Internet Safety Expert (Scotland)

Bottom of my Heart

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kids loved it and parents loved it to. So much to learn.



Your presentations were awesome! We will definitely have you back to our district.

Val Orr - Superintendent


This event was so beneficial. I learned so much. Thank you!!

Kelly Mydertte - Parents

Great Expertise

Great message from a man with great expertise on the subject! Must have info for all parents!

Matt Richardson - Internet Safety Expert

Powerful Presentation

 I especially thank you for spending time with our students yesterday.  You gave parents the tools they need to be able to talk with their kids….and kind of know what they’re talking about:)  Your presentation is one of the most powerful I have ever heard.  Keep up the great work!
Kim Schubert - Bellevue City Schools Superintendent

Expected a lecture…..

I’m afraid our students expected a lecture on internet safety, however Scott’s approach engaged kids. After the presentation, a parent with two children shared that they “learned more than they thought they might… and they were both surprised at how ‘unsafe’ they may be.” This would be equally true for Scott’s presentation to parents and guardians. While there was a lot of information, he provided ways we can effectively work with our kids to empower them in their digital lives.

Jay Clark - Superintendent


I recommend Captain Frank and his DEP program to everyone – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, youth – his program is so comprehensive and brings so much of the digital world into the light!

Holly England - Parent


Scott, thanks for sharing. A great and powerful presentation.

Jeff Hartlage - Parent


A eyewitness account of the dangers inherent to the digital lifestyles being led by our youth today. A powerful and compelling presentation, unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since.

Brent Shafer - Perrysburg City Schools

Engaging and Amazing!

Scott was nothing less than informative, engaging and amazing.

I was able to be part of the parent presentation in the evening. Did not realize it was two hours and when Scott said that I inwardly cringed. But then he shared his story, and I could not look away. Parts of his presentation were like a bad accident, you want to look away but can’t. Then you want to know the ending. Although his truths scared me, he provided information, techniques and tools that helped parents realize that they can talk with their kids about making good digital decisions.

Scott does not speak to just schools; he can come into your workplace and share his experience and techniques with your teams. We need to work together, as a village, to teach kids how to be smart on the web. DEP is current, relevant, inspiring and engaging and worth two hours to keep our kids safe for a lifetime.

Kate LeFevre - Review on LinkedIn

Amen Scott!

Amen Scott! Thank you for all that you are doing to bring a balanced and proactive use and view of digital media! Keep up the great work!!

Pastor Don Gentry

Must Experience

I attended Scott Frank’s Digital Empowerment Seminar for parents and immediately I knew I had to bring him to The Chapel.

First, it opened my eyes to some things I had no clue about! I thought I was pretty tech-savvy and aware of student culture. But there were several things that I didn’t know and was unaware of in the lives of our students.

Next, it gave me some great ground rules to set with our daughter as we were getting ready to give her a phone. When my two oldest kids finally got phones they were BASIC cell phones. But this kid was about to get a smartphone. Scott’s seminar gave me great tools to implement with our daughter BEFORE we gave her a phone.

Finally, it equipped me for much-needed conversations with our son who had a cell phone for a couple years at this point. It gave me insight into what apps students are using and how they are using them. And Scott gave our family some good practices to have in balancing cell phone usage in our home.

I truly TRULY cannot recommend this seminar enough. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

Ken Rawson - Youth Pastor

Building Relationships

I have attended one of Captain Scott’s parent seminars. I love his messages of teaching, empowering our kids to navigate the digital world by being involved and talking with our kids. Loving them, building a relationship with them so they feel safe and comfortable coming to their parents with questions and concerns. His message isn’t just about restrictions and monitoring. I feel his message is to help us build our relationships with our kids. It’s so important that kids have those real world relationships at home rather than the online relationships they sometimes seek. Thank you Captain Frank!

Natalie Shelley - Parent

Scary World

Thank you! We learned so much from you!! While it’s a scary world, I’m glad you gave us some tools to help us guide our children!

Jody Hanes - Parent

Eye Opening

The evening presentation was wonderful and eye opening. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I couldn’t be more grateful. Hoping to catch another presentation sometime & bring more parents with me.

Stef Michelle - Parent

Positive Message

Thank you for your time, research, and caring to spread the word. I think this opened a lot of eyes in a positive way.

Laura Meinke - Parent

Every Parent

Every parent and student needs to hear Scott’s presentation!

Kristie Reighard - Parent

Wow Thank You

I had the opportunity to hear and experience first hand the parent presentation. I thought I was “savvy” when it comes to internet safety. But WOW!! Thank you!!!

Jules Elizabeth - Parent


5-star! I appreciate all you are doing for our children, parents and community.

Cassandriea Jones Tucker - Parent


Loved your message of teaching the kids and empowering them. Thank you for taking the time to come and share your expertise with us.

Kristy Mock - Parent


Don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t happen to your kids. Go!

Libby Kennard - Parent

I am Glad

We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Very enlightening. I wish every parent in my son’s 6th grade class would have been there to listen. 20 minutes into the presentation, my husband leaned over and said “I’m glad you had me come”.?

Heidi - Parent

Understanding and Empathetic

Captain Frank spoke candidly to our students and parents. He was informative, kind, tough, understanding, empathetic, and blunt all at the same time. He sparked conversations at home and at school that have changed our students. I HIGHLY recommend Capain Frank to come speak at your school!

Jen Arbogast - Hopewell-Loudon Schools

Strongly Recommend

I STRONGLY recommend anyone attend any DEP program they can!  You will walk away informed, pretty significantly overwhelmed but also armed with tools to help you and your family thrive in this wired world. Thanks Scott for your years of dedication and your willingness to share those years with the rest of us!

Dan Higgins - Cornerstone Counseling of Bellevue

Powerful Impression

I know you made a powerful impression on our students and certainly on our staff. I know I learned an incredible amount, despite believing myself to be at least rudimentarily informed.

Susan Marshall - Bridges Community Academy

Shines a Light

I can’t say enough about how educational Mr. Frank’s presentation was for our parents. While managing our children’s digital activities can seem scary and overwhelming, Mr. Frank shines a light on exactly why we need to be paying attention while giving parents tools and the confidence to protect their children. We are looking forward to having Mr. Frank back to speak with our students as well. You can never get the important message of digital safety to your students too much!

Maria Maluchnik - Counselor Genoa Area Local Schools


You did an outstanding job and we greatly appreciate all you do and the passion that you bring with it.

Sonia Herman - Principal