I attended Scott Frank’s Digital Empowerment Seminar for parents and immediately I knew I had to bring him to The Chapel.

First, it opened my eyes to some things I had no clue about! I thought I was pretty tech-savvy and aware of student culture. But there were several things that I didn’t know and was unaware of in the lives of our students.

Next, it gave me some great ground rules to set with our daughter as we were getting ready to give her a phone. When my two oldest kids finally got phones they were BASIC cell phones. But this kid was about to get a smartphone. Scott’s seminar gave me great tools to implement with our daughter BEFORE we gave her a phone.

Finally, it equipped me for much-needed conversations with our son who had a cell phone for a couple years at this point. It gave me insight into what apps students are using and how they are using them. And Scott gave our family some good practices to have in balancing cell phone usage in our home.

I truly TRULY cannot recommend this seminar enough. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!