Depth of Information

I can’t thank you enough for your presentation at our Summit. The depth of information was amazing and the way you presented made it so enjoyable. Thank you again for sharing your passion and knowledge with us!


Scott certainly brought an awareness to our families and spoke to so many things we all needed to hear in a such a genuine and real way.

Powerful Impact

This assembly had a powerful impact on my 6th grade daughter. She came home talking about it and even thanked me for being so strick with technology!!

STRONGLY Recommend

Our school brought Captain Frank in to speak to our students and parents during separate sessions. Given today’s use of technology and social media by our kids, I STRONGLY recommend attending his parent presentation. He is incredibly impactful, has a wealth of...

Building Relationships

I have attended one of Captain Scott’s parent seminars. I love his messages of teaching, empowering our kids to navigate the digital world by being involved and talking with our kids. Loving them, building a relationship with them so they feel safe and...