Engaging and Amazing!

Scott was nothing less than informative, engaging and amazing. I was able to be part of the parent presentation in the evening. Did not realize it was two hours and when Scott said that I inwardly cringed. But then he shared his story, and I could not look away. Parts...

I am Glad

We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Very enlightening. I wish every parent in my son’s 6th grade class would have been there to listen. 20 minutes into the presentation, my husband leaned over and said “I’m glad you had me come”.😊

Deeper Understanding

I am so grateful for all of the information you shared and now have a deeper understanding and feel much more equipped when it comes to technology safety.

Depth of Information

I can’t thank you enough for your presentation at our Summit. The depth of information was amazing and the way you presented made it so enjoyable. Thank you again for sharing your passion and knowledge with us!


Scott certainly brought an awareness to our families and spoke to so many things we all needed to hear in a such a genuine and real way.